Self Managed Super Funds

Do you want to know more about managing your Superannuation?  Are you considering a Self Mananged Super Fund (SMSF)?  We can help you.

Your Superannuation is your nest egg for retirement so it is crucial that it is managed effectively – a Self Managed Super Fund is one vehicle you can use to do this.

Ascentis Financial Services can answer all your questions about SMSF’s including:

  • Whether a SMSF is right for you
  • How much you need to set up a SMSF
  • What responsibilities you will have as a SMSF Trustee
  • How to borrow through your SMSF
  • How to buy property through your SMSF
  • What are the costs to manage a SMSF
  • What are the benefits of a SMSF