Company Profile

Ascentis Financial Services

Simon Green, the Senior Financial Planner, began working for Kevin Rodgers & Co (now RWG Accountants & Advisors) in June 1997 as an Accountant. After obtaining his CPA in February 2003 he decided to move into the financial planning arena and in December 2003, become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Simon chose Professional Investment Services as his Dealer Group after receiving many recommendations from other PIS advisers.

Talking about how we make a difference to our Client’s Financial Future

Professional Investment Services (PIS)

PIS, is an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, has one of the largest network of accountants, financial advisers and life insurance brokers in Australia. The advisers of Ascentis Financial Services can provide financial services as authorised Representatives of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd ABN 11 074 608 558, an Australian Financial Service Licence holder (No 234951). Part of the Centrepoint Alliance Group (a publicly listed company).

Professional Investment Services offers a broad range of financial and business development services that are backed by their ongoing support and expertise. Their size, skills and success enable them to offer first class, personal services in financial planning, wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies, while at the same time assuring that they are a progressive company in the ever-evolving financial services profession.

RWG Accountants & Advisors

Working in conjunction with RWG Accountants & Advisors, Simon built up the financial planning side of the business, now known as Ascentis Financial Services. Ascentis currently has one Financial Adviser and two highly experienced paraplanners.

Our clients find that having both their accountants and financial advisers under the same roof can be very beneficial, particularly understanding sometimes complex tax structures.

Simon also specialises in tax planning. Therefore, being a qualified accountant as well as a certified financial planner puts him in good stead to find the right, personalised tax strategy for each of his clients.